Happy 20th Anniversary to My Health and Future


Today I’m celebrating my 20th anniversary.  Twenty years ago today I boarded a bus in Hanover, New Hampshire, in front of the Hanover Inn overlooking the Dartmouth College green and headed to Boston.  I wasn’t going on vacation.  I was flying to Denver and moving to the Vail Valley, Colorado.  It was a 30 year dream of mine.  Every time I left and drove past East Vail on my way up the Vail pass tears would run down my face for some unknown reason.  Over those 30 years I realized the place had something to teach me, I just didn’t know how profound that would be for me and the countless people I now serve.

Backing up a few weeks, I was in mediation for my divorce and the mediator said, “Where do you see yourself in FIVE YEARS?  Wendy let’s start with you.”  No one likes that question!!  Out of my mouth came:

“I want to be the Creative Director of a wellness center.”  I had no idea where that came from.  An aHa moment from deep inside for sure.

So off to Vail I went, burned out on all levels, and frustrated that doctors had no real answers for my 16-year asthma history.  I left behind a fantastic job and a lot of supportive friends.  Ahead of me in a moving van was too much stuff and my car.  I did have an adorable furnished apartment in an house in Eagle-Vail and 11 job interviews!!  As I narrowed those jobs down to my top three, I kept hearing my soul say, “the Creative Director of a wellness center.”  So I picked the job at an amazing lodge, spa, and homeowners association.  The spa won awards and attracted lots of famous people.  I even ended up house and dog sitting for a handful of million dollar homes.  It was the start of understanding health, deep relaxation, and well-being.  It was also the beginning of my USANA Health Sciences nutrition business.  After two years I had met an amazing clinical herbalist who figured out the root cause of my asthma and I made major strides in breathing again.  The deep connection to Nature was so nourishing and healing on all levels.

After those two years I relocated to Boulder, Colorado and attended the original three-year herb school, the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies.  My three years in Boulder were beyond magical.

As I look back on those FIVE YEARS in Colorado, I ended up with my USANA business, I graduated as a Clinical Herbalist and flower essence practitioner.  I was, more or less, the Creative Director of my very own wellness center exactly FIVE YEARS LATER.  For the last 15 years I’ve been expanding that in Salt Lake City, Utah, while learning energy medicine and working in Western Medicine at the same time.

Nourish and Heal

So where is that “wellness center”?  I’ve been thinking all this time it needed to be on land.  However, looking back over the last 15 years, most of my customers and clients are not from Utah.  Some have been here for a year or to visit relatives, but eventually went back home.  In fact, four of them are living in different countries.  WOW I must be International!!  Most of them found me, as I say, by way of “the Magic Computer in the Sky.”  Yes the Universe connects the people who need you, and even the people you need to learn from.

So this blog post is coming to you from my brand new and very fast laptop.  For now my new laptop is the Wellness Center.  Some day I would love to partner with someone who has the land and a lot of other ideas that fly around my head.  Considering I’m just over two years from retirement in my hospital job, it’s time to put it out to the Universe that over the next two years my new position as Creative Director of my wellness center becomes my full-time job.

As the sign says, Do What You Love!!  That is exactly what I’ve been doing for the last 42 years in Western Medicine, 2 years at the spa, 17 years in my herbal, flower essence, and nutrition business, and 8 years in energy medicine.

My passion is meeting people where they are on their health journey and helping them get closer to where they want to be, hopefully a state of vibrant health.  Lately even helping caregivers, because they get burned out too taking care of loved ones.

Today I celebrate 20 years of taking back my power, so much amazing knowledge, improved asthma even in the smoky Western air we are breathing this summer, and an entirely different holistic approach to wellness.  An approach in which we understand what our symptoms are saying and take even baby steps forward toward taking back our wellness power!!

It’s hard to believe it all started from the safe space,
created by a mediator,
so my soul could speak out!

What is your soul crying out to say?

I’m claiming mine on this powerful astrological day of 8/8/2018.

Wendy L Warner
Creative Director
My Wellness Center (name to be determined by the Universe!!)

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When The Flower Essences Tell You to Move Forward

June flower essence blog postWhat is a flower essence and how does it tell you to move forward?  Well that is a great question.  A lot of people get flower essences confused with essential oils/aromatherapy.  I see them as opposite ends of the herbal medicine spectrum.  Essential oils are made by distilling down a lot of flowers into a concentrated oil.  I’m not really drawn to essential oils.

However, I’m passionate about flower essences.

Flower essences are for the emotional aspects of what’s upsetting you.  In today’s world that can be so many things!!  We are all unique vibrational energy systems and each flower has a unique vibrational frequency that helps us with our emotional states.  Most of my clients call their custom flower essence formula “magic in a bottle.”

Pendulum with roseSince I’ve been working with flower essences for about 18 years, I’ve become very tuned into the flowers on a deep level.  I used to go by the description that comes with the particular flower essence or an intuitive hit,  but a very interesting situation came up that changed the course of my work.  I had the honor of helping someone clear their energy for a workshop we were attending.  We were to use a pendulum.  I had just started learning to use it for me, so to help someone else was a new experience.  She was not able to get the pendulum to move so our instructor asked me to help her clear her energy.  For me my pendulum swings forward and back for a yes, counter clockwise for a no, and clockwise for “well maybe yes, maybe now.”  I usually set those flower essences aside to see if needed in the formula or just a drop now.  In the case of this person the vibrational frequency of about 5 or 6 flower essences connected to the pendulum.  As we looked at them I realized there was a theme, but I knew the person and the theme didn’t make sense.  WOW, an underlying issue that made all the sense in the world to the person I was testing to clear her energy.  That’s when it hit me!  My business is all about the root cause of the issue, health problem, or whatever is disrupting a person’s flow.  Finding out what the flowers had to say and then reading the descriptions made a lot more sense.  And so a whole new aspect of my business bloomed.  Sometimes just in the form of the flower essence formula and sometimes the flower essences were added to a tincture.  After all, who do you know who has had a health problem without some underlying emotions?  No one I know!

So I decided to do monthly flower essence testings for me and blog about them.  I’m about two years from retiring from corporate America and my wellness business will then be my full-time adventure.  But what will that look like.  My “day job” is one of extreme structure and a lot of people come together at 100% for the highest good of our patients.  The question asked to me by two psychics years ago: “Wow I couldn’t work in that setting.  You seem really comfortable there after 40 years.  How will you bring that structure and teamwork to your wellness business?”

WOW such an amazing question I had never asked myself or even thought about.  I’ve thought about it off and on for years.  I have an idea but I have no understanding of how it will come about.

One thing I’ve learned through my life is that my job is to ask for my dream, get clear, get in alignment.  My job is not the how.  THE HOW IS THE JOB OF THE UNIVERSE.  Then I have to receive.  This has been a curiosity for me.  Receive what?  How about clues.  Yes I can receive clues and act on them.  So much has come of this insight.

Getting back to how the flower essences tell you to move forward?

The beginning of June I sat with my 80+ flower essence bottles and told them my intention.  I asked for the next step.  What is out of alignment that needs to shift so I can move forward in some unknown direction.  The answer was not only stunning but brought me back to what those two psychics asked me years ago.

The two flower essences that said “Yes We Would Like To Help Shift Your Vibrational Frequency Forward” were:

Essence of Perelandra (from Perelandra, Ltd, in Virginia):  On the label it reads:
**Provides a unique balance that adds strength, stability, and support.”

Well yes!  Not only does the structure of my “day job” have built in strength, stability, and support, but I sure would need this in moving my part-time wellness business to full-time.  How interesting is that!!

Pomegranate (from FES, California): summing up their detailed description
** Supports a joyful expression of creativity in my work at home and my business
** Shifting me from confusion about my focus and direction
** Promotes conscious alignment so I can see more clearly my direction and stay connected

Well blow me over with that description.  I would never have picked those two flower essences out of my collection if I were to mentally try to figure it out, but “spot on” is what I say to the above.

Then I look across my table and there is Danielle LaPorte’s #TRUTHBOMB card:

leave room for mystery

All the hair on my arms stood on end and a chill went through my body.  Okay, step 1 and I’m on my way!!

Stay tuned for more of my adventure and hopefully you will fall in love with flower essences like I did.


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Relaxing and Reflecting From a Retreat

Retreat in formal garden

I spent the beginning of May at a wonderful retreat in the country where I did some reflecting on my progress the first quarter of 2018.

I’m doing a lot of celebrating this year as August will mark my 20th anniversary of moving from New Hampshire to Colorado, and working in an amazing retreat setting that was total paradise.  I started January – March 2018 fine tuning my wellness plan, making small changes that built on each other.  Along the way I shed 4 pounds and really started feeling better.  (I say “shed” because what we “lose” we tend to re-find.  Subtle but subconsciously part of my battle.)

HOWEVER, if you’ve been following my Facebook or Instagram pages you’ll know I cranked it up a notch in April with my 28-Day Be Healthy Program.  In one month I shed 5 pounds, gained .5 pound of muscle mass, and shed 2% body fat.  If you’re a woman over 50-52+ years of age you’ll know that is significant!

In your 20’s and early 30’s it’s easy to do a 30-day challenge and lose 10 pounds.  However, once you reach age 35 you slowly start losing muscle mass.  Muscle burns the fat.  It’s all about health for me.

In your 40’s all the quick fixes start adding up to an unhappy body, mind, and spirit, but we are still in denial.  At this point you may step on a scale and appear to have “lost weight” but it may actually be critically important muscle loss.

WELCOME TO THE 50’s (not the 1950’s)

Doctors are now studying people in 3 sets of decades:

80-90-100’s (seriously!!)

Having done all the quick fixes in the first group of decades, and having survived the 50’s, I can say with the 60’s comes  wise woman wisdom.

Which is why I’ve been putting together my one year plan and finally realizing that working with my body on all levels (body, mind, spirit, energetic, even your environment) not only reconnects you to the wisdom that has lived inside of you all along, but you actually see results – not necessarily in a week but in a steady, consistent pattern that feels very empowering.

Dogwood flowers at MV While at the “retreat,” I stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast in the country.  Yes, “fresh country air,” cows mooing, flowering trees, and birds singing are very refreshing.  But what I really enjoyed the most were the friendships I have developed there with people in the 80-90-100’s.  Their stories are priceless and they lived a lot of their lives in a time when the food was so much more nutritious, sometimes working the farms, spending long hours cooking and nourishing their families, and having a strong baseline constitution.  Some of them are much healthier than so many people I see in my age bracket of the 50-60-70’s.

I just heard that due to all the inflammation, chronic degenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases, all those chronic health problems, etc, we have been dealing with for decades, generations coming behind me are not expected to live into these later years.

So I’m refocusing my business on women in their 50-60-70’s because by the time we get to our 50’s it is very clear what used to work will no longer be an option.  But I believe we still have time to reset ourselves to live happy and healthy lives, it just takes some slow, steady shifts.  We want to make sure we have built and maintained our strength, balance, and flexibility on all levels as we move into those later decades.  Frailty is a big issue as we age.

Why women?  Because 98% of my clients are women.  We are the caregivers.  We set the example for ourselves first and our family follows our lead.  We cannot lead from an empty cup.  We must lead from an overflowing cup.  My passion is assisting women in becoming all that they came here to be.  All while enjoying happy, healthy, and passionate lives, fulfilling their soul purpose with more energy to spare.

For me, the rest of May will be for reorganizing and shedding the last couple pounds.  I’ll undoubtedly haul out another 6 boxes of things that no longer serve me or are out of alignment with where I’m headed.

I’m super excited to roll out my Summer Slim Down program for June, July, and August that will be for the donation of the final 10-12 pounds (remember I like to use words  other than lose), all while building muscle.  I’ll also be slimming down all items that I no longer need and that would benefit others.  It will be a realigning and refocusing of me in the direction I’m heading.

You are more than welcome to come along and join my health party (in that case send me a private message and we can talk more about your goals), or just check in every so often and inspire yourself.

More to follow as June 1st is fast approaching!!  Do you believe it?!!  What were your goals for the year January 1, 2018?


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Creative Director of a Wellness Center . . .

Nourish and HealHaving just survived 19 months of crazy projects with somewhat insane deadlines, I suddenly came out of the rat race and realized 2018 was a year for me.  It was as if the Universe spoke very loudly.  So I said, “Okay, what do you have in mind?”

Then it hit me!  Twenty years ago this year I was in a mediation.  The mediator said, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”  At the time I thought that was a wild question, but somehow out of my mouth came:

“The creative director of a wellness center.”

My husband and I looked at each other and he said, “Where did that come from?”  And I said, “I don’t know.”  Well it came from deep down in my soul and it’s only gotten larger.

After spending the next two years working at a gorgeous lodge and spa in the Vail Valley learning about wellness and relaxation, taking my asthmatic lungs to every alternative practitioner I could find, and then three years at the herb school in Boulder, Colorado, I had the five years and at least 20 years worth of information, but I didn’t have the land I envisioned.  And Utah was calling.  “WTW, okay, to Utah to figure out what I’m supposed to learn there.”

So my wellness business started, and grew, and changed, and expanded.  I have dreams about sections of the place.  Parts of it are larger than life.  Parts of it have already happened in very big and unexpected ways.  I even get junk mail with clues and pictures on it.  Signs are everywhere and they are getting louder.  I have clients and customers in 4 aspects of my wellness businesses that are being pulled together under one roof.  But I’m still missing the land, the gardens, and the animals.

So here I am, less than 3 years away from my retirement age in Corporate America.  My plan was to roll right into the expanded version of my wellness center, on the land, by at least that time.  So one night I said, “Well how is that going to happen?”  The Universe replied, “The HOW is not your job, that’s my job!  Be open to receiving.”  The Universe got my attention!

So what happened the other night, I opened a closet that is full of notes and sketchbooks and pictures and ideas that I’ve been collecting for the last 20 years.  The first thing I pulled out was the answer to a question a friend in Oregon posed to me over the internet in 2012.  As I read my idea of what the wellness center would look like and who was involved tears ran down my face.  WOW!  YES that was exactly where I wanted to roll in the year 2020, if not before.  The crazy thing is an energy healer who knew very little about my idea but taught me energy medicine recently said, “It lives inside you.  You have to do something about it.”  OKAY!

So for 365 days of 2018 I’m going to live there – in my mind and my apartment to start and the surrounding natural beauty – and be in vibrational alignment with the concept typed out on those four pages in 2012.  My apartment is already a mini version of the framework and all the businesses are in place and functioning.  I’m going to act on every clue and move out everything and anything that does not fit into the concept as I go.

I’m looking forward to co-creating with the Universe. 

Woohoo – let the 2018 adventure begin.  The word for the year is ALIGNMENT.

I am going to live my dream into reality.

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Flower Essences: The Power to Unlock Stagnation

Flower Essence Combo 7.2017
Flower essences are a gentle vibrational herbal medicine.  The flower is the highest vital expression of the plant.  Each flower has a vibrational frequency that connects to us on a deep level.  Flower essences are one of my deepest passions in herbal medicine and many of my clients call their flower essence formula “magic in a bottle” or “emotional rescue.”  Flower essences connect to our emotional state. They  seem to know us better than we know ourselves.  Each flower that steps up to help has a story to tell us about ourselves.  Most of the time a story it’s time to release.  

The release is usually subtle.  Sometimes you don’t even realize it happened.  Life is just moving forward, the problem resolves itself, the relationship just got deeper, or what you were hanging onto now has clarity and a clearer decision gets easier.

While this is a simplistic explanation of how they work, I really want to share a story about 3 flower essences that helped me unlock a 19 year stagnant storage unit with ease and grace!  Why it took so long to sit down with my 80+ collection of flower essences and ask the big question I have no idea.  Perhaps it was the planetary alignment going on at this time or perhaps I needed the distance to appreciate the clarity.

I pulled out my flower essences and started talking to them like they are my best friends —  well sometimes they are!!  I told them about the storage unit, I couldn’t open the final boxes, I only stopped by a couple times a year, oh such a waste of money!

What would help me get rid of the storage unit?

After I set my intention I got out my magic crystal pendulum (more on that in another blog post).  As I touch each bottle my pendulum will swing forward and back for a “yes it wants to help” or counter clockwise for a “no I can’t help.”  It will swing clockwise for “well maybe yes or no, could be.”  I don’t read the descriptions before I ask the question.  I let the plants tell me what is going on.  My clients go wild watching my pendulum move.  But if that isn’t wow enough, when the theme is read to them they sometimes gasp.  “Oh wow I can’t believe that.  How did you know?”  Well I don’t, the flowers do.  It’s a vibrational connection.  I’m more of a facilitator.

So yes I was equally blown away when these 3 flower essences stepped up to tell me why I couldn’t move out all that stagnant energy in the storage unit and how these 3 flower essences were going to make the shift happen with ease and grace.

Yerba Santa = and not just any bottle but one I made on a field trip not too many years after I packed up my house back in New Hampshire.  The patterns of imbalance are for constricted feelings, particularly in the chest; internalized grief and melancholy, deeply repressed emotions.  Really, after all these years!  The positive qualities after the release of these emotions: free-flowing emotions, ability to harmonize breathing with feeling; capacity to express a full range of human emotion, especially pain and sadness.  This description is from FES (Flower Essence Services) who makes this flower essence.

Ambassador (description from the Perelandra Rose Essences) = Pattern.  Aids the individual in seeing the relationship of the part to the whole, in perceiving the pattern and purpose.

Bowl (description from the Perelandra Nature Program Essences) = Links humans and all other living organisms to the heart and soul impulses of the planet.  Also synchronizes the human / living organism with the heart and soul impulses of the planet and the universe, thus supporting the evolutionary process moving in tandem with the universe.

I put a certain number of drops of each essence, per my flower essences/pendulum’s instructions, into a bottle and started taking the number of drops my flower essences /pendulum told me to put in water.  It put the vibrational frequency of this formula in water that I drank maybe a couple days when all of a sudden magic happened and one weekend I woke up and said, “today is the day that storage unit is going.”  Literally nothing was going to stop me.  I ended up opening boxes and what I found was NOT ME ANYMORE.  I’d grown and evolved!  Wow I just don’t recognize the person who previously couldn’t let go.  I gave almost all of it away.  

What an amazing feeling.  Thank you Yerba Santa, free-flowing emotions of joy!!  Someone else will love them.  It’s time to move on.  As for Ambassador, the pattern in the relationship of the part to the whole was that each item helped me grow into the person I am today.  It served a purpose at one point, but not any more.  It wasn’t me.  And since everything is energy that old stale energy was holding me back.  Bowl is an interesting essence.  I’ve been getting the sign to clean out for years.  I think the energy of the planet right now is all about cleaning out and realigning.  If it doesn’t serve you, move it on.  Someone else is waiting for their own experience with it.  I really feel like I am aligning to the planet and the universe.

One day I couldn’t find the flower essence bottle.  That’s a sign.  I had realigned and it was no longer necessary to take it.  Even though I am still cleaning out and I’m on a roll.  The shift has already happened.  I have a 12 month plan to realign everything that is now left in my apartment with the new me.  

Just who is the new me and where am I headed?  Stay tuned for more at
Be Vibrant!!
Wellness shows up on more than just the physical level.
It always starts deep inside.


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The Emotions of Storage

Wendy last storage unit
Oh the emotions of storage!  It doesn’t matter if your stuff is stored in the attic, the basement, the garage, closets, or the dreaded – STORAGE UNIT!  What’s in those boxes anyway?!

Memories       Hopes and Dreams
Expectations (met or unmet)     
Disappointments      Missed opportunities       OR

How about maybe you’ve evolved and
why are you keeping that stuff?

Today, August 8th, 2017, was a profound day for me.  It was the 19th anniversary of the start of packing up my life, or what was left of it at that time.  Little did I know that a year from this date I would have my stuff and my car on a moving van headed to Colorado, and I would be boarding a bus to Logan Airport in Boston to move to Colorado.  This alone was a 30 year dream I was beginning to think would never be realized.  While I was nervous about the good life I was leaving behind, every door in New Hampshire was closing and, of the five places I was considering moving to, all the doors in Colorado opened simultaneously.  That’s a huge sign!

It never occurred to me last month, before I turned in the key on the final storage unit, that what was left in those boxes was officially – NOT ME ANYMORE!  “Really,” as I opened one box at a time, “I’m paying good hard earned money to not deal with these emotions?”  A friend asked, “How did you find the courage?”  Yes there was officially something in that storage unit representing each decade of my life.  I feel like I’ve lived FIVE DIFFERENT LIFETIMES.  I don’t recognize any of these people that were me.  But it’s okay as I’ve grown and evolved into the person I am today because of all of those experiences.

When I got to Colorado almost the entire 10 x 20 storage unit remained intact.  I decided as each new situation came up I would handle it differently.  If I missed the old way, then it was really me.  If not, it was someone else.  When I think back on that first year it was one of continuous change.  Curious because for most of my wellness clients just making one change is difficult.  I still don’t know how I made so many changes at once.

I was on a mission to recreate myself and I loved it!  The timing was so right on!

Today it’s also interesting that the same feeling of recreating myself again is very strong.  Somehow emptying that storage unit opened up space for all new energy, ideas, and dreams to surface.  The month of August I’ve been on a “28-day detox your life program.”  Where did that come from?  The last two days of astrology blurbs on the internet are telling me that the energy of the planet is behind this realignment.

For now I’m putting out the refreshing feeling of moving out old stale energy and emotions that no longer serve me.  Next up will be the flower essences that helped shift the energy and emotions, and clear out that storage unit with ease.  I still have about 26 items left that have curiosity and I’ve decided to honor them further and move out 2-3 a month over the next year.

So it looks like another year of evolving and changing.  Let the path flow out in front of me as I show my gratitude and appreciation for all I’ve learned and become.

Looking forward to finding out what shows up next here at Be Vibrant!!
It will definitely be all about vibrant health!



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Rituals and Deep Sleep Lead to Clarity and Insights

Smoking Sage

What does two weeks of really great sleep get you?  Wow I feel so refreshed!  

Clarity and Insights

I added in wonderful rituals to make it a beautiful slow down and
an honoring of myself.

I was staying up way too late ~ just long enough to get that second wind.  I had to work backwards from the time I wanted to be soundly asleep.  Since I like to get up around 5:30 am or 6:00 am, I was looking at what it would take to be asleep by 9:30 pm or 10:00 pm.  My first aHa was that I am doing way too much.  Nothing like a stressful day job and coming home to more stress, especially when I appeared to be creating it. 

So first thing I decided was to get a more done during the weekend to free up my week nights.  Coming home is now like walking into my own sacred space.

One of my favorite things I do at night is to burn sage as a smudge (see picture) for me and my apartment.  Sage is an herb that clears negative energy.  It’s my way of leaving any negative energy behind and welcoming me home to my sacred space.  Sage is so calming and grounding, and brings me into the present.  I light the end and then blow it out so it’s just smoking a little ~ not enough to set off the smoke alarms (really important in an apartment building).  Then I run the sage along my energy field (front/back/along arms and legs/around my head) as well as taking it through my apartment.  I love the smell so much!  This has turned into a ritual that sets the tone for my evening.  It signals my brain to start slowing down and connect to the energy of my wellness community that I’m creating.

Let’s just see how that played out over the past two weeks.

I’ve been observing that I get a second wind at about 10:15pm.  If I’ve been winding down and in bed before then, no problem.  However, if I get on a roll and 10:15pm arrives I now have a second wind that will take me at least another hour before my brain starts to shut down.  That means I’m not asleep until 11:30 pm.  OUCH!  Total exhaustion the next day and dragging out of bed.

So my evening ritual is to work backwards for my plan and this is what I created:

8:30 pm   everything ready for the next day

9:00 pm   take a Pure Rest – Melatonin from USANA Health Sciences ~ I’m in love with this product.  Let me know if you want a discount at bevibrantproduct.usana.com !

9:15 pm   to bed with sound healing music while writing a few pages in my journal about what I’m creating

9:30 pm   about this time I’m falling asleep so lights out and dreaming about what I’m creating at my wellness center

I usually wake up 15-20 minutes before my alarm goes off having had the deepest, most peaceful sleep, and I awaken to an aHa moment that I will ponder while I’m waking up. 

I feel so rested and refreshed.  

Each night if something comes up I think I have to do I ask myself, “Is this honoring my rest and rejuvenation?”  If the answer is no – I let go of it.  If it is that important I find another place to schedule it so I can honor my time and nourish my soul.

If you are interested in setting up a sleep program let me know.  This is just one example.  I’ll add on and share what I do as May will be about self-care and rejuvenation.

What’s in your wellness plan?

Here at Be Vibrant we are all about soothing, relaxing, and rejuvenating at wendywarner.com


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My Initial Herbal / Wellness Consultation

Consult Form and Wellness Tracker
I finally had my initial herbal / wellness consultation.  My computer and I were just getting started over the weekend.  What I love about my initial consultation form is the detail.  It looks at my health concerns from the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic levels, our lifestyles, and the patterns of behavior that have the ability to throw us off course.  Let’s face it, we all have distractions and it’s okay!!

Last year my goal was to shed 13 pounds.  I would have made it if not for the holiday distractions where I gained back 4 pounds.  But I did shed a solid 9 pounds.

This year I’m going to shed the final 13 pounds, but I’m not doing it by why of any diet plans.  I want a plan the builds a loving relationship with my body and strong overall vitality.  That way as those pounds mysteriously disappear, so might other aches, pains, or annoying issues that I might be taking for granted.  My favorite comment from clients: “Well everyone else in my family has this so it must run in the family.”  I really do think we can overcome that story.

As I reviewed all aspects of what is going on for me it became clear that my biggest issue to start with is stress.  I have very good baseline health, but I live in a very stressful environment.  My day job in the medical field (which I passionately love) has me talking with people in sometimes dire situations (my heart goes out to them).   I am also helping a family member who lives two thousand miles away.  On top of those two, I am working on my very big vision for my retirement business.  I’m not someone who wants to retire, but would rather continue supporting the health of people in a different way.  When I feel stressed my first tendency is to reach for some type of food that doesn’t serve me.  Can I discount chocolate?!  Antioxidants?!  haha

So I decided to pull out my wellness tracker form that I created a few years ago.  Today I took the first copy with me to work.  I can’t tell you how many things I didn’t eat because I would have to list them on this page.  But even better, I decided I would review the form briefly each night so I could make those subtle shifts.  Maybe some extra protein instead?

I have so many healthy herbal, flower essence, sound healing, energy medicine, food, etc etc etc things to share for stress that I’m almost amused that stress is an issue.  For the next couple weeks I’m going to consistently work on these until they are habit and share my insights and results along the way.

First one is in bed with lights out by 10:00 pm (an uplifting book or sound healing music if I make it early … nice).  I’ll keep you posted.  Tonight it’s going to be Pure Rest by USANA Health Sciences.  It’s the best Melatonin product I’ve every found.  I fall deeply asleep and wake up about 10 minutes before my alarm at 6:00 am.  Check it out at my Be Vibrant product partner website:  bevibrantproduct.usana.com.

Your body goes into major rebuilding mode while you sleep, so you want the best sleep ever.

What’s on your wellness plan?

At Be Vibrant it’s all about soothing – check it out over at wendywarner.com
and Be Vibrant!

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A Great Baseline For My Wellness Plan

Bod Pod - small size

I’ve been getting a great baseline for my 2017-18 wellness plan.  Many people wonder why, as a clinical herbalist, I am so interested in wellness plans.  “Don’t you just wait until something is wrong and then take an herb for the problem?”  Sometimes that situation does present itself, however, I found herbal medicine through a 18+ year chronic health problem.  Once you have symptoms develop slowly over a long period of time (now a chronic problem), it might seem like random aches, pains, rashes, gas/bloating and other annoyances showing up, but those symptoms could be tearing down multiple organ systems potentially causing major health problems in the long run.  I prefer to look at a much bigger – more holistic – picture of health.  I’m a pattern-oriented person by nature, so looking at an herb for a chronic health problem seems to be short-sighted.

One example is the number of people who have surpassed their body’s ideal weight – that is a classic chronic health problem affecting many organ systems.

Last year I did my yearly Bod Pod test (yes you get in that mini space ship pictured above).  Hard to believe in less than a minute it will tell you so much about what’s going on INSIDE your body.  It gives me guidelines to work toward over the next year.  I’m excited that last year I shed (won’t say lost because I don’t want to find them) NINE POUNDS and almost 2% of that was body fat.  Almost as exciting was that I came close to maintaining my muscle mass.  If you know me you know I work out in a free weight room and at the Bar Method exercise class.  You might think I should be muscling up.  While I did develop some muscles, in my age group (62 yrs) maintaining muscle is challenging.  But I was delighted to see the young exercise physiology/sports science student’s face when she looked at my results.  “You work out!  Good job!!”

Between my Bod Pod scores and my annual physical with outstanding lab test results, you might think I’m set for the year.  But not the case!  I’m always working on improving my health.  I believe that each of us needs to step up to the plate and add one or two things toward self-responsibility for our health.  Sometimes that could be substituting a health promoting item for one that has been tearing down our health.

The easy goals for me are the last 10 pounds and, as my waist circumference is at 35 inches, a few inches off my waist.  A waist circumference of 35+ inches is a new vital sign for cardiac and diabetic risk factors in women (40+ inches for men).  So by shedding another 9-10 pounds while continuing to work on building muscle might bring my body fat % down to an acceptable good health level and bring firm up my waist.

So I’m going to use my last 10 pounds and a few inches off my waist as a way to show how a clinical herbalist might approach a healthier you.  I’m not going to focus on the weight.  Instead I’m going to focus on vitality, which in turn shifts the thinking.  Remember – what you focus on expands!

Stay tuned for more on my wellness plan as this weekend I’m meeting up with my wellness tracker after I go through my thorough herbal intake form so I notice what patterns of behavior / foods / drink / stress factors / thought patterns and more might be holding me back.

What’s your wellness plan?

Here at Be Vibrant it’s all about fun!!


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Do You Have a Wellness Plan?

Wendy in Weight Room 4.6.17

Do you have a wellness plan?  It’s a very important question, but even more important is what are you focused on?  You see, what you focus on expands.  So I decided to focus on what I wanted, not what I didn’t want.

Last year my wellness plan was focused on vitality.  I decided to spend the year focused on what I wanted most – vitality and a sense of well-being.  The outcome exceeded my expectations.  More about that in upcoming blog posts.  I plan to share what I learned and more as my plan moves forward through 2017.

Tonight in the free weight room Gabe, our trainer, had what looked like a simple 6 exercise plan for the class.  Only problem, the repetitions totaled 500.  Carrying around those weights for about 45 minutes was increasingly tiring.  I was glad to put them down for the abs/core workout and cool down.  But as I gingerly walked over to the TRAX stop to head home I realized that was two 10 lb dumbells = 20 pounds.  Over the last two years I’ve burned off 15 pounds by working out in my two favorite exercise places.  It would have been about 20 pounds except for the holidays.

Interesting, the thought of what it feels like to carry an extra 20 pounds around for just 45 minutes.  

Working my way down to my ideal weight, considering I’m 62 1/2, has to take into consideration a wellness plan for my entire body – not just a number on the scale.  Sometime in our 30’s we start to lose muscle mass and the older we get the harder it is to maintain and build.  Building muscle this past year has transformed my body and I’ve enjoyed watching where my body decided to burn off the fat.  While the number on the scale has slowly changed, I’m wearing clothes I haven’t fit in for years.

Next up will be my BOD POD experience this year, my wellness tracker, and why setting up a wellness plan is one of the best things you can do for yourself on a physical, mental, emotional, and energetic level.

Next time you look in the mirror ask yourself: “what one step can I take for my health and well-being this month?”


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