What Happens When Your Vitality Extends Out Past Your Body?

A funny thing happened on my way to optimal vitality.  It didn’t hit be at first, but soon after I felt vibrantly alive and ready to publish my Top 12 Vitality Tips for 2012 lots of things around me started to fall apart.  I put the tips on hold as a nasty virus hit my computer.  I no sooner got that fixed when the same virus returned.  I wanted to start a Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum) drip (IV) into one of the USB ports, but decided it would be bad for it’s nervous system (oh, electrical system).  So instead, I retired the 2006 laptop with the old operating system, and upgraded to a newer, more vital computer.  Hummmm, is it possible that I raised my vibrational frequency so high that my computer was having trouble staying in the same workspace with it’s older, slower, and lower vibrational frequency?  Well, Roxy, my new laptop seems to be smiling away and ready to blog.  : D

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