March is Colon Health Awareness Month

Colon health is near and dear to my family.  Having lost three family members to colon cancer, you’d think I would stop procrastinating and get that colonoscopy.  I put it off for 6 years.  After hearing all the prep horror stories most people do.  However, I lucked out and received an enlightened prep instruction sheet in the mail.  Nothing like I’d heard about.  The funniest thing that happened was as I cleaned out the inside I somehow started cleaning up my apartment in between bathroom moments.  By the time a friend drove me to the endoscopy center I looked around my apartment with amusement.  My apartment was all cleaned up.  When did that happen??!!  And those two stacks of magazines ready for recycling . . . when did I read all those??!!  To my additional amusement, I slept through the colonoscopy, so it wasn’t bad.  Not to mention the results were great and my blood pressure was 95/65.  Was that from all the liquid magnesium or the relief of finally getting it done or the detoxification??   I think I can add “colonoscopy prep professional” to my resume.

If you are 50 or over, and/or have a family history of colon or colorectal cancer, make sure you get your colonoscopy.  And take note of any magic that happens as you clean out the inside.  Does your environment change on the outside, as you make changes on the inside?  Sure did for me.

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