How The Plants Speak To Me

I could write a book about the many times plants have spoken to me, but recently I had yet another reminder of how the Universe and plants get my attention and nudge me along.  I had lost track of the number of draft versions of my Top 12 Vitality Tips that were around my apartment for four months.  Always tweeking, but not quite ready to hang on my website.  One day while I was cleaning up my kitchen counter, and of course reading at the same time, a FES Flower Essence pamphlet ended up on the very cleaned up counter.  I have a lot of flower essence books, but this is one I don’t use very often.  I tried moving it, but it kept reappearing.  It sat there for a week.  I’d pick it up and somehow it reappeared.  On the cover was a beautiful picture of an Iris.  I sat for a while smiling at the plant, when all of a sudden my eyes drifted down below the picture to a testimonial about Iris Flower Essence.

“Iris stimulates creativity, there’s nothing like it!  It started me writing again, after ten years of inactivity.  I’ve used it successfully ever since.”

Wow, and how long have I been wanting to start a blog?  Well it hasn’t been ten years, but I believe it’s been three.  I must have 12 years worth of plant-speak stories.  I don’t take a flower essence based on the description alone.  Instead I use a pendulum or kinesiology to test to see if I really need a particular flower essence.  So I whipped out my pendulum and sure enough I got a huge YES for Iris.  I added a couple drops to my water bottle for a few days and in no time ideas started pouring out as well as insights on exactly what I wanted the final copy to look like.

So a special thank you to you, Iris, for your  kind and gentle way you offered up your assistance and support at a time when I was having trouble moving forward.  XXOO

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