Top 12 Vitality Tips for 2012

My Top 12 Vitality Tips are now available on my website:  They are an accumulation of topics I talk to clients about regularly.  It started out with Vitality Tips 3-12, but then I realized that those clients who didn’t follow through with a wellness plan either found it to be too much and needed to take smaller steps or had a couple other blocks in the way.  So Vitality Tip 1 and 2 were born. You may look over the list and find one or two items to work on, or you may take an entire year to work on your health.  I will admit I took last year off and made it all about me.  It was so empowering that I decided to put the tips on my website as a free PDF download.  As I blog about the tips you will also get a better idea of how I utilize traditional western herbal medicine, flower essences, nutrition, and energy medicine in my daily health plan as well as that of my clients.  Enjoy!!

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