Reflections From my Sacred Sanctuary

Yesterday, with Holy Basil still on board, I finished the Brain Injury Association of Utah 5K, but still had energy.  Ran into my cousin’s wife on the way back to my car so we went around the park again.

Today I turned my balcony into a Sacred Flowering Plant Sanctuary.  A place to take a time out for reflection.  Not sure where I found the time, it just appeared.  The more I’m taking  time for me the better it gets.  Today it became very clear that when we listen to what our body is saying, there is so much wisdom to be uncovered.  Over these last five days of experimenting with an adaptogen herb named Holy Basil, I can really feel the presence of the spiritual side of the plant.  Like a trusted friend asking my body, “What is it you really, really want?”  Turns out I wanted a lot, but wasn’t listening to myself.

Holy Basil is not only teaching me to tune in to my inner knowing, but with her support what I appear to need the most is just connecting – easily and effortlessly.  It is appearing, as if by plant magic.  How sweet is that!

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