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The Many Sides of Your Symptoms

Louise Hay wrote a fascinating book entitled, “You Can Heal Your Life.”  What I love about it is the section in the back that talks about the mental side to your symptoms.  You start by looking up the physical problem … Continue reading

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How Could Your Illness Be An Ally?

When I first heard the idea that an illness or symptoms could be an ally, I was a bit stunned.  But the more I worked with Vitality Tip #1, making myself a priority, I began to tap into my inner … Continue reading

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How Cool Is This!!

Tonight I went to  Andrea Bernstein’s  sacred ceremony to Connect to the Rhythms of Creation.  Andrea is an amazing shaman in Salt Lake City.  As part of the evening’s events you paired up with a partner for a journey of … Continue reading

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Two Weeks of Weight Lifting Meets Two Weeks of Holy Basil

Even though I know small steps, even over a short time, can add up to change, in just two weeks I feel stronger on more than just the physical level.  Holy Basil is definitely strengthening my inner sanctuary, it’s softening … Continue reading

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