How Could Your Illness Be An Ally?

When I first heard the idea that an illness or symptoms could be an ally, I was a bit stunned.  But the more I worked with Vitality Tip #1, making myself a priority, I began to tap into my inner wisdom.  What if my body was a partner in my health and it was trying to get my attention.  I think I’ve spent way too many years living life through my left brain – you know, the part that analyzes everything.  What if every cell in my body had something to say?  What if those cells had needs.  Was I really listening to myself?  Perhaps not.  Well, if I’m not listening to me, then why would anyone else?

Yes it turned out my “asthma” was the most powerful way my body could get my attention.  After all, if you can’t breathe . . .

Vitality Tip #2, learning about how my illness or symptoms can be a powerful ally, has been extremely empowering.  In fact, it actually changed the direction of my life.

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