The Many Sides of Your Symptoms

Louise Hay wrote a fascinating book entitled, “You Can Heal Your Life.”  What I love about it is the section in the back that talks about the mental side to your symptoms.  You start by looking up the physical problem and then look at the mental possible cause.

When I looked up asthma, the mental cause was listed as “Smother love.  Inability to breathe for one’s self.  Feeling stifled. Suppressed crying.”  This did not make a lot of sense for years.  I used the book with clients.  Sometimes I would read them the mental cause and immediately they would tell me a story about why that was true and “how interesting is that.”  Some clients just gasp, it was so profound for them.

In the case of my asthma, a food group was triggering my asthma and once that was removed my asthma significantly improved.  But over the last 12 years I have continued to go back to Louise Hay’s comment and dive deeper into my many layers.  What has recently come to me is that my asthma lives on multiple levels.  It has been a guiding force toward my life / soul’s purpose.  My asthma has truly been an ally, a guide, assisting me along the way.  I have felt like I’ve come here this lifetime with a mission, but it’s taken years for that understanding to come together.  The closer I get, the less I’m bothered by asthma.

Could it be that stifled feeling was all about me not pursuing my life’s purpose.  And that suppressed crying, my soul saddened by the limiting beliefs that stopped me from moving forward.  Wow so much has changed in 2012.  Feeling more free and breathing much deeper!!  : D

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