Even Herbalists Get Sick – But a Seizure?

I thought I was healthy the end of October 2013.  I had a stressful 2013 with my father sick and passing away, and worrying about my mother and how she would do on her own.  I’m a support personality, so I had been doing what I do best, taking care of everyone else.  It never even occurred to me that I wasn’t taking care of me.

As a health nut…the last thing I expected was a seizure.  

Luckily I work in the medical field during the day and when the seizure hit there were doctors and nurses all around me.  None of it I remember, of course, or the hours spent in the Emergency Department being “worked-up”, scanned and stabilized, or the second seizure in the ED, or being transported to my hospital room, or being hooked up to the continuous EEG video-monitoring equipment.

Makes me wonder how my experience would have been different if someone would have done energy medicine on me or given me some drops of Rescue Remedy Flower Essence.  

Just curious, as that’s what I would have done for them.

The outcome of all those tests was “you have a beautiful brain.”   “It appears your familial brain wave abnormality doesn’t do well with generic medication.”  Good news for the most part, as the last time I had a seizure most of the testing done wasn’t invented.  They took a guess way back then, but they were wrong.  I must say the experience back in the 1970’s helped pave my way into the healthcare field, just out of fascination.  It also paved the way for my fascination with the brain which continues today.  No experience is a coincidence.  And all experiences build on each other.

One thing was for sure, my baseline health must have been very good as I went from no memory to starting to recognize people to being really bored (and playing games) with the EEG video-monitoring equipment and wanting to go home in 2 1/2 days.

Thought it might be interesting to blog about my recovery from the seizures and how my wellness practice might assist in that recovery.  

It’s been almost 5 months since the seizures.  It was fascinating to observe my brain go from only doing one thing at a time (as a multitasker that was an odd experience), to returning to mostly my old self.  I say that as I feel like my brain redesigned itself in the recovery and I really like the way it’s working.  Or maybe that’s the new medication  : )  I told them in the hospital I was downloading New Earth Energy.  You should have seen the looks!

At this point I’m finding myself 5 months since my seizures AND 5 months until I’m 60.  I’ve finally been cleared for everything except swimming alone.  So I’m going to put myself into my wellness center and continue to deeply nourish myself for the next 5 months to see what my transformation will be like, just like I would for one of my clients.  I have goals.  Let’s see if I make them.

Stay tuned for more posts!!

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6 Responses to Even Herbalists Get Sick – But a Seizure?

  1. Harmony Harrison says:

    Wendy, I’m so glad you’re doing well! It’s wonderful to see you blogging again. Blessings on your next five months of health and healing. Looking forward to your future posts!

  2. Janet Hudonjorgensen says:

    I’m very excited to hear more details of your healing process and “creating new life” process. I love your blogs and look forward to learning from and being inspired by you. You “ROCK”!

  3. Beth Weber says:

    So happy you are back to blogging. Really enjoy your posts! You go girl! You are truly an inspiration to all! Love and Blessings to you!

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