A Consultation With A Clinical Herbalist

I’m excited for my upcoming consultation with my clinical herbalist (oh right that’s me!).  At any rate, Tuesday night I get to review my New Client Intake Form with my herbalist.  I do this every five years or so as life changes and it gives me a broad view of where my health is headed.  In this case, I’ve just been through a huge shift with my seizures and since my brain redesigned itself, it’s time for me to take another look at my health.

My questionnaire is extensive, but then I look at a person’s health from a lot of different angles – physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and even their soul purpose level.  Clients imbalances rarely live in one organ system or even on one level.  Perhaps that’s because I found herbal medicine thanks to a long-standing, 21 year, chronic asthma problem with nutritional and emotional components.  I loved the way the herbalist unraveled the problem.  I loved it so much I followed her to the same herb school and now love unraveling long-standing chronic problems for others.  Only difference, I’ve expanded my herbal practice into multiple areas and I’ve created a virtual wellness center!

My current recovery is the perfect situation to show how I apply my herbal practice and rebuild my vitality!  And you get to hold me accountable!


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