Oh POOP – The Great Colonoscopy Story

March was colon cancer awareness month.  However, this great blog post never got published.  I thought maybe it was to be more aligned with Spring cleaning.  But then it hit me . . . this is the fifth anniversary of my Great Colonoscopy Story!

So I must share and encourage – maybe even inspire you.

After losing a grandmother and then an uncle to colon cancer, at the same age, the cousins all decided we were getting colonoscopies.  In my case, I had been easing into it with those POOP SLIDES  :O  for several years before I knew my uncle would be diagnosed with colon cancer.  But once my uncle passed away, I decided the time was now.

I found a wonderful outpatient colonoscopy center really close to my home (this is key by the way), and what I liked most — the prep was liquid magnesium (there would be no magnesium deficiency for me) and Dulcolax (the ad says gentle and predictable-haha).  Somehow I liked the sound of this over some of those preps I’ve heard people mix up and gag down.  Believe it or not, that was the reason I delayed having the procedure in the first place.  Now that’s just sad.

I decided if I was going to spend so much time in the bathroom I might as well take all the magazines in my apartment with me.  So I was either in the bathroom . . . with the magazines or resting — or so I thought.  But it turned out in between bathroom breaks I was cleaning my apartment.  It was so effortless I didn’t even realize I was tidying up.

After finally getting a few hours of sleep, my alarm woke me.  I readied myself to be picked up and whisk off for the procedure (also key even at 9 city blocks away).  I reached for the door handle and stopped.

Something was different.  The energy was clear, smooth, fresh, creative, and so strikingly different I stopped and turned around to look at what I was feeling.  Was it my energetics or my apartment?  I toured my place slowly, one room at a time.  It was so clean, tidy, organized, and yes it had a beautiful flow of creativity.  When did all that happen?

After one last stop in the bathroom, I walked back to the door.  There were two stacks of magazines ready for recycling.

AWWWWW – clean on the inside – clean on the outside.

Luckily I had a good report from my colonoscopy.  RELIEF!! Was I holding onto a fear as well?

I asked my PCP if I should get another colonoscopy in 5 years instead of the recommended 10 years due to my family history?  Her response after hearing the above story, “I think 10 years is okay, unless your apartment needs another deep cleaning.”  But seriously we are considering the 6 year mark to make sure there are no changes.

Many lessons were learned from this experience, but the most profound was the experience of clean on the inside – clean on the outside.

If you want to see effortless change around you, start by looking inside yourself to see how you can make the shift personally and watch The Universe match you in the environment and people around you.  I would go on to use this lesson many times over.

Oh, and if you are 50+ talk to your PCP about that colonoscopy.  It’s not as bad as it sounds.

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  1. Gail says:

    It really isn’t………

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