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Aligning to the Planet and the Magic of Flower Essences

I’ve been doing a lot of release work lately.  Releasing beliefs that no longer serve me.  Last night was a big session.  I woke up this morning feeling restless.  I’m very energy sensitive, but it took me a few hours … Continue reading

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How Could Your Illness Be An Ally?

When I first heard the idea that an illness or symptoms could be an ally, I was a bit stunned.  But the more I worked with Vitality Tip #1, making myself a priority, I began to tap into my inner … Continue reading

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Two Weeks of Weight Lifting Meets Two Weeks of Holy Basil

Even though I know small steps, even over a short time, can add up to change, in just two weeks I feel stronger on more than just the physical level.  Holy Basil is definitely strengthening my inner sanctuary, it’s softening … Continue reading

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A Great Paleo Link

Tonight in the weight room we got talking about paleo diets.  I was able to shed 24 pounds last year by giving up most dairy, wheat, soy, and sugar and doing a lot of walking.  “Hey, you eat paleo.”  So … Continue reading

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Another Gift Just Flowed In

Every since participating in the Bod Pod, a machine that looks like a space capsule and measures your body fat vs all the rest of you, I realized I need to get back to weight training again.  As if by … Continue reading

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Reflections From my Sacred Sanctuary

Yesterday, with Holy Basil still on board, I finished the Brain Injury Association of Utah 5K, but still had energy.  Ran into my cousin’s wife on the way back to my car so we went around the park again. Today … Continue reading

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My New Best Friend, Holy Basil !!

Well day one of my Holy Basil experiment was very successful.  I slept really well last night and woke up 10 minutes before my alarm went off, and feeling very refreshed.  I must say even with a stressful day at work, … Continue reading

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