My Initial Herbal / Wellness Consultation

Consult Form and Wellness Tracker
I finally had my initial herbal / wellness consultation.  My computer and I were just getting started over the weekend.  What I love about my initial consultation form is the detail.  It looks at my health concerns from the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic levels, our lifestyles, and the patterns of behavior that have the ability to throw us off course.  Let’s face it, we all have distractions and it’s okay!!

Last year my goal was to shed 13 pounds.  I would have made it if not for the holiday distractions where I gained back 4 pounds.  But I did shed a solid 9 pounds.

This year I’m going to shed the final 13 pounds, but I’m not doing it by why of any diet plans.  I want a plan the builds a loving relationship with my body and strong overall vitality.  That way as those pounds mysteriously disappear, so might other aches, pains, or annoying issues that I might be taking for granted.  My favorite comment from clients: “Well everyone else in my family has this so it must run in the family.”  I really do think we can overcome that story.

As I reviewed all aspects of what is going on for me it became clear that my biggest issue to start with is stress.  I have very good baseline health, but I live in a very stressful environment.  My day job in the medical field (which I passionately love) has me talking with people in sometimes dire situations (my heart goes out to them).   I am also helping a family member who lives two thousand miles away.  On top of those two, I am working on my very big vision for my retirement business.  I’m not someone who wants to retire, but would rather continue supporting the health of people in a different way.  When I feel stressed my first tendency is to reach for some type of food that doesn’t serve me.  Can I discount chocolate?!  Antioxidants?!  haha

So I decided to pull out my wellness tracker form that I created a few years ago.  Today I took the first copy with me to work.  I can’t tell you how many things I didn’t eat because I would have to list them on this page.  But even better, I decided I would review the form briefly each night so I could make those subtle shifts.  Maybe some extra protein instead?

I have so many healthy herbal, flower essence, sound healing, energy medicine, food, etc etc etc things to share for stress that I’m almost amused that stress is an issue.  For the next couple weeks I’m going to consistently work on these until they are habit and share my insights and results along the way.

First one is in bed with lights out by 10:00 pm (an uplifting book or sound healing music if I make it early … nice).  I’ll keep you posted.  Tonight it’s going to be Pure Rest by USANA Health Sciences.  It’s the best Melatonin product I’ve every found.  I fall deeply asleep and wake up about 10 minutes before my alarm at 6:00 am.  Check it out at my Be Vibrant product partner website:

Your body goes into major rebuilding mode while you sleep, so you want the best sleep ever.

What’s on your wellness plan?

At Be Vibrant it’s all about soothing – check it out over at
and Be Vibrant!

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A Great Baseline For My Wellness Plan

Bod Pod - small size

I’ve been getting a great baseline for my 2017-18 wellness plan.  Many people wonder why, as a clinical herbalist, I am so interested in wellness plans.  “Don’t you just wait until something is wrong and then take an herb for the problem?”  Sometimes that situation does present itself, however, I found herbal medicine through a 18+ year chronic health problem.  Once you have symptoms develop slowly over a long period of time (now a chronic problem), it might seem like random aches, pains, rashes, gas/bloating and other annoyances showing up, but those symptoms could be tearing down multiple organ systems potentially causing major health problems in the long run.  I prefer to look at a much bigger – more holistic – picture of health.  I’m a pattern-oriented person by nature, so looking at an herb for a chronic health problem seems to be short-sighted.

One example is the number of people who have surpassed their body’s ideal weight – that is a classic chronic health problem affecting many organ systems.

Last year I did my yearly Bod Pod test (yes you get in that mini space ship pictured above).  Hard to believe in less than a minute it will tell you so much about what’s going on INSIDE your body.  It gives me guidelines to work toward over the next year.  I’m excited that last year I shed (won’t say lost because I don’t want to find them) NINE POUNDS and almost 2% of that was body fat.  Almost as exciting was that I came close to maintaining my muscle mass.  If you know me you know I work out in a free weight room and at the Bar Method exercise class.  You might think I should be muscling up.  While I did develop some muscles, in my age group (62 yrs) maintaining muscle is challenging.  But I was delighted to see the young exercise physiology/sports science student’s face when she looked at my results.  “You work out!  Good job!!”

Between my Bod Pod scores and my annual physical with outstanding lab test results, you might think I’m set for the year.  But not the case!  I’m always working on improving my health.  I believe that each of us needs to step up to the plate and add one or two things toward self-responsibility for our health.  Sometimes that could be substituting a health promoting item for one that has been tearing down our health.

The easy goals for me are the last 10 pounds and, as my waist circumference is at 35 inches, a few inches off my waist.  A waist circumference of 35+ inches is a new vital sign for cardiac and diabetic risk factors in women (40+ inches for men).  So by shedding another 9-10 pounds while continuing to work on building muscle might bring my body fat % down to an acceptable good health level and bring firm up my waist.

So I’m going to use my last 10 pounds and a few inches off my waist as a way to show how a clinical herbalist might approach a healthier you.  I’m not going to focus on the weight.  Instead I’m going to focus on vitality, which in turn shifts the thinking.  Remember – what you focus on expands!

Stay tuned for more on my wellness plan as this weekend I’m meeting up with my wellness tracker after I go through my thorough herbal intake form so I notice what patterns of behavior / foods / drink / stress factors / thought patterns and more might be holding me back.

What’s your wellness plan?

Here at Be Vibrant it’s all about fun!!


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Do You Have a Wellness Plan?

Wendy in Weight Room 4.6.17

Do you have a wellness plan?  It’s a very important question, but even more important is what are you focused on?  You see, what you focus on expands.  So I decided to focus on what I wanted, not what I didn’t want.

Last year my wellness plan was focused on vitality.  I decided to spend the year focused on what I wanted most – vitality and a sense of well-being.  The outcome exceeded my expectations.  More about that in upcoming blog posts.  I plan to share what I learned and more as my plan moves forward through 2017.

Tonight in the free weight room Gabe, our trainer, had what looked like a simple 6 exercise plan for the class.  Only problem, the repetitions totaled 500.  Carrying around those weights for about 45 minutes was increasingly tiring.  I was glad to put them down for the abs/core workout and cool down.  But as I gingerly walked over to the TRAX stop to head home I realized that was two 10 lb dumbells = 20 pounds.  Over the last two years I’ve burned off 15 pounds by working out in my two favorite exercise places.  It would have been about 20 pounds except for the holidays.

Interesting, the thought of what it feels like to carry an extra 20 pounds around for just 45 minutes.  

Working my way down to my ideal weight, considering I’m 62 1/2, has to take into consideration a wellness plan for my entire body – not just a number on the scale.  Sometime in our 30’s we start to lose muscle mass and the older we get the harder it is to maintain and build.  Building muscle this past year has transformed my body and I’ve enjoyed watching where my body decided to burn off the fat.  While the number on the scale has slowly changed, I’m wearing clothes I haven’t fit in for years.

Next up will be my BOD POD experience this year, my wellness tracker, and why setting up a wellness plan is one of the best things you can do for yourself on a physical, mental, emotional, and energetic level.

Next time you look in the mirror ask yourself: “what one step can I take for my health and well-being this month?”


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D/W/PS our relationship is over . . . again



Haha what a great title for Valentine’s day!

That stands for  Dairy / Wheat / and Processed Sugar

In my ongoing quest for vibrant health and well-being, there are three players who repeatedly cause havoc in my body.  While I’ve released them in the past, one more than the other two, whenever they reappear it’s all bad.  But in some ways they are my old friends with wise insights.

So here is how it plays out in me:

Dairy: the casein protein causes asthma – the whey protein causes my ears to close up to the point I can’t hear after a couple weeks.

Wheat:  sinus congestion, brain fog, and my eyes don’t see things as bright and clear

Processed sugar:  let’s just not even go there.  I’m pretty sure my body laughs and immediately stores it around the middle.

All of the above create an inflammation in my body that over time goes on to cause all kinds of other problems, or so we are told.  I personally don’t feel like waiting around for that.

So in honor of Valentine’s Day (and why honor love just one day of the year), I’m going to spend the entire YEAR loving my body into a state of vibrant health and well-being.  Over the past two years I’ve posted a lot of pictures and inspiration on Facebook from the 30-day plank challenge, to my two days a week in the University of Utah free weight room as part of our fantastic Well U Program, to my happy place at the Bar Method SLC.  During this time I’ve transformed my body, gained strength and flexibility, lots of amazing muscles, even my “6-pack” abs are underneath that roll around the middle I’m going to be burning off this year.  I’ve shed 15 pounds of the 25 pounds I gained the year after I suffered two seizures out of the blue.  I’m down to the last 10 pounds (maybe I’ll go for 15) – you know that friend that keeps coming back around – no pun intended.  Maybe it’s time to pull up a comfy place to chat and find out what she has to say.  I’m sure it’s insightful, I’ve just been ignoring her wisdom.

So in the picture above that roll around the middle is the only place left to really burn.  At age 62 1/2 my body has seen every trick in the book, so it’s time to reconnect and listen.

I’ve decided to honor myself by creating a  year long body transformation program and put myself through it.  As a clinical herbalist, flower essence practitioner, and Quantum Touch/Reiki practitioner, I love to look at the biggest picture of what might be causing imbalances in the body that show up as “symptoms” that may or may not send you to the doctor.  Lifestyle choices are a big factor as well as nutritional deficiencies.  So I like to address it all, but not all at once.  I’ve even had a client whose health was affected by high electro-magnetic frequencies near his house/work.  So including the physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual/soul levels, and environmental factors all come into play.

Since the best thing we can all do to help keep health care costs down is prevention, I’m going to create a tribe of like-minded people.  Read along if you are so drawn.

I’ll share how my entire business, plus more, can be used for a more vibrant life.


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What’s a Bod Pod ?


Bod Pod - small sizeAbout 5 years ago I found a funky machine called the Bod Pod on the list of wellness options in my University of Utah Well U Program.  I love working for an institution that collaborates with its many programs to offer the most extensive array of health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, personal training, and even more programs to stay healthy, all in exchange for a fantastic discount on your health insurance.

The year I found the Bod Pod I was interested in losing about 25 pounds.  It seems like the older you get the weight slowly creeps on when you aren’t paying attention to yourself.   I had a group of friends that were joining me so I made an appointment for the Bod Pod – Body Composition Tracking System Analysis.  You sit in this machine for about 50 seconds and it analyzes almost every aspect of your body.  My main focus was my actual percentage of muscle versus fat, and my weight.  The two areas I was monitoring were broken down into two categories:

“Body Fat:  A certain amount is absolutely necessary for good health.  Fat plays an important role in protecting internal organs, providing energy, and regulating hormones. The minimal amount of “essential fat” is approximately 3-5% for men, and 12-15% for women.  If too much fat accumulates over time, health my be compromised.

Fat Free Mass:  Fat free mass is everything except fat.  It includes muscle, water, bone, and internal organs.  Muscle is the “metabolic engine” of the body that burns calories (fat) and plays an important role in maintaining strength and energy.  Healthy levels of fat-free mass contribute to physical fitness and may prevent conditions such as osteoporosis.”   (PEAK Fitness)

 I then proceeded to jump head first into a program that was nutrition and walking/cardio machines.  After 4 months I’d lost 24 pounds and maintained that weight over the year.

Very proud of myself, the next year I went back to be analyzed in the Bod Pod. What I found out was that I lost mostly muscle mass/weight and very little body fat percentage or pounds.  This was a bit distressing.  In talking with the PEAK Fitness office I decided to sign up for the free weight training program.  For those of you who know me, the rest is history.  For those of you who don’t, I fell in love with the free weight room — dumbells and barbells — for building strength/muscle, endurance, and transformed my body.  Over the years I’ve added muscle and burned off some fat.  Although my weight has hit a plateau, my clothes fit better.

However, I’m always experimenting on myself to be the healthiest and most fit I can be.  I still want to lose about 10-15 pounds, but only in the body fat department.  I’d like to see my body fat rating around 25%, the middle of the moderately lean category.  So back to the Bod Pod I went the other day.  I have my starting point and will be working on this from a holistic standpoint over the next 8 months.  The end of December I’m going back to check my progress.  Every couple weeks to a month I will add on and remove something as I tweak my way back to the vibrant health that will take me through my Sassy 60’s and beyond!

Stay tuned as I pull together my wellness plan from every angle and blog about my progress and insights along the way.

When you get on the scale do you really know what you are weighing ?  Check and see if there is a Bod Pod in your area.


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Oh POOP – The Great Colonoscopy Story

March was colon cancer awareness month.  However, this great blog post never got published.  I thought maybe it was to be more aligned with Spring cleaning.  But then it hit me . . . this is the fifth anniversary of my Great Colonoscopy Story!

So I must share and encourage – maybe even inspire you.

After losing a grandmother and then an uncle to colon cancer, at the same age, the cousins all decided we were getting colonoscopies.  In my case, I had been easing into it with those POOP SLIDES  :O  for several years before I knew my uncle would be diagnosed with colon cancer.  But once my uncle passed away, I decided the time was now.

I found a wonderful outpatient colonoscopy center really close to my home (this is key by the way), and what I liked most — the prep was liquid magnesium (there would be no magnesium deficiency for me) and Dulcolax (the ad says gentle and predictable-haha).  Somehow I liked the sound of this over some of those preps I’ve heard people mix up and gag down.  Believe it or not, that was the reason I delayed having the procedure in the first place.  Now that’s just sad.

I decided if I was going to spend so much time in the bathroom I might as well take all the magazines in my apartment with me.  So I was either in the bathroom . . . with the magazines or resting — or so I thought.  But it turned out in between bathroom breaks I was cleaning my apartment.  It was so effortless I didn’t even realize I was tidying up.

After finally getting a few hours of sleep, my alarm woke me.  I readied myself to be picked up and whisk off for the procedure (also key even at 9 city blocks away).  I reached for the door handle and stopped.

Something was different.  The energy was clear, smooth, fresh, creative, and so strikingly different I stopped and turned around to look at what I was feeling.  Was it my energetics or my apartment?  I toured my place slowly, one room at a time.  It was so clean, tidy, organized, and yes it had a beautiful flow of creativity.  When did all that happen?

After one last stop in the bathroom, I walked back to the door.  There were two stacks of magazines ready for recycling.

AWWWWW – clean on the inside – clean on the outside.

Luckily I had a good report from my colonoscopy.  RELIEF!! Was I holding onto a fear as well?

I asked my PCP if I should get another colonoscopy in 5 years instead of the recommended 10 years due to my family history?  Her response after hearing the above story, “I think 10 years is okay, unless your apartment needs another deep cleaning.”  But seriously we are considering the 6 year mark to make sure there are no changes.

Many lessons were learned from this experience, but the most profound was the experience of clean on the inside – clean on the outside.

If you want to see effortless change around you, start by looking inside yourself to see how you can make the shift personally and watch The Universe match you in the environment and people around you.  I would go on to use this lesson many times over.

Oh, and if you are 50+ talk to your PCP about that colonoscopy.  It’s not as bad as it sounds.

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Today this herbalist had Mohs Surgery

Hand with bandage 2.16.16As an herbalist I’m willing to try all sorts of experiments on myself, but sometimes intuition takes over and says “Wendy, I think you need a trained professional.”

Over the last six weeks I’d been observing a red bump on my hand.  I didn’t know what it was.  Yes I did try some DIY Dermatology, but it didn’t work and I must say I spent way too much time observing cells growing.  I work in Western Medicine by day and I did ask around, but in the end I’m glad I followed my intuition.  I remembered a wonderful dermatologist I went to about nine years ago.  He looked at it and said, “it could be XYZ but it could also be squamous cell skin cancer.  Let’s shave that bump off and get a biopsy so we know what we are dealing with.”

Thank you INTUITION and dermatologist, as it came back squamous cell skin cancer.  I was thanked for coming in so soon as it was more superficial.  Next I was scheduled for Mohs surgery.  Thank you Dr. Frederick Mohs for this ingenious tissue-sparing procedure!

I’d heard of it before because I had a client a few years ago who had a much deeper version than I did and needed stitches for a longer incision.  She came to me for energy medicine (Reiki and Quantum Touch) to help heal the incision.  It was fascinating to watch, and even her husband said he wished he’d taken pictures along the way (this story will be in another blog post).

So today I showed up very nervous in the Mohs Surgery section.  I love my skin and had really enjoyed watching the layers rebuild after the initial biopsy.  I humored this new dermatologist in an effort to remain calm.  As I described looking at the location of the bump and how it seemed too close to a vein and the tendons/ligaments that work my thumb (I use my hands all day/evening).  There was too much anatomy going on to waste time.  I also told him how much I enjoyed watching the skin layers rebuild.  My description was so detailed he laughed and said, “do you work here, anyone else would be grossed out and you are studying your skin.”  haha

So luckily for me they only had to take one micro layer and come back for a small margin.  Knowing how much I enjoyed watching my skin heal, the dermatologist told me it didn’t need any stitches and I would have another chance to watch my skin rebuild.

So I started doing energy medicine on it as I was waiting for the last sample to come back from pathology, and continued throughout the afternoon at work.  Whenever I would feel some aching I would send more healing energy with my other hand.  The aching would slowly dissipate.  What I love about energy medicine is that not only is the aching going away but my skin is healing at the same time.  I can’t take the bandage off for two days, but I will take pictures along the way.  The spot is much smaller than the bandage!!


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